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   The story is told of a man hitting his golf ball out of bounds. When he got to the ball, it was in the center of a red-ant bed. Being an honest man, he decided to play the ball where it lay. On his first swing, half the ant bed was torn away with dead ants everywhere. On his second swing, the other half of the bed was gone with dead ants everywhere. Only two ants remained and were having a quick conversation before the terrible golfer took another swing. “What are we going to do?,” queried one ant. The other ant said, “I don’t know about you, but I am going to get on the ball!”  Yet, what are we to do to “get on the ball” in the mission of Christ. Well, simply put, we are to get on the ball by doing what Jesus commanded—“make disciples.” Making disciples will lead to the forming of new congregations with members possessing the DNA of Jesus and able to reproduce themselves. So, let’s all keep that clear—that is our mission. On Friday, September 8th, Jimmy Davis and I traveled to Cookeville, TN to set up our Antioch Initiative booth at the Tennessee Tech Basketball Arena where the Annual Bible Bowl would be held the next day. About 2000 young people gathered at the Bible Bowl on Saturday, September 9th, and we had an enjoyable day meeting various church leaders and informing them of our efforts to make disciples in the U.S.…

  • AICOC reaches and agreement with WBS

    God blessed the Antioch Initiative to reach an agreement with World Bible School on Wednesday, August 9th, in Cedar Park, TX. The agreement is that…


    Let the Gospel Cover the Nation   On Tuesday, July 25th, core members of the Antioch Initiative will meet on the campus of Faulkner University…


    CLAY COUNTY, TN June 10th through 15th, Jimmy Davis & I traveled to Clay County, TN to make new acquaintances and contacts on behalf of…

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